Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dr. Ziem's Chemical Injury Website

Grace Ziem has a helpful website at If you want to know what nutrients can help the chemically sensitive, read one of the articles on the neural protocol.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Scent-free workplaces

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety posted an informative page at on scent-free policies in the workplace.
They mention that "Allergic and asthmatic patients report that certain odours, even in the smallest amounts, can trigger an attack."

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Laminate flooring

I got an email from Jana who asks: "I recently moved into a home where the previous owner had burned many highly scented candles whose fragrance now permeates the home. It's hard to tell what the worst source is, but I think it's the carpet, although I have it hi-temp steam cleaned twice since I moved I'm thinking about replacing my bedroom carpet with laminate flooring. I'm worried about offgassing, though, and I wondered what experiences other
people have had with that?
Do you find that new laminate flooring bothers you?
Are there better brands or types to use?
Are there any treatments for this condition?

Hi, Jana. Personally I am okay with laminate flooring but I am not as highly sensitive as some folks.
I can post your question but you may want to ask other people - is one place to search for chemical sensitivity discussion lists.

I see that has flooring that is supposed to be safe. Also, has a sealer for carpet which might be worth trying before you go to the expense of replacing the carpet.

There are so many articles and books on treatment for chemical sensitivity that you may get frustrated, especially since treatment is controversial and recovery is usually slow. I recommend reading Pam Gibson's study at Probably the most important actions to take are avoiding unnecessary toxins and getting good nutrition.  And remember to relax and enjoy life as much as possible. Good luck!


New Journal for Chemically Sensitive

I'm trying out this journal as a way of replacing the Chemsense Messageboard which got bogged down by spammers. I cleaned out their posts but they kept trying.

Whether they will overwhelm me here remains to be seen.

My hope is that people will be able to add comments and questions easily. The subject is chemical sensitivity. Please confine your posts to chemical sensitivity, environmental toxins, and detoxification. Thanks.