Friday, April 8, 2011

Why is Anyone Opposed to Better Nutrition?

An attorney looks at Nutrition and the Politics of Food at the National Fork blog. A recent post on cancer makes some interesting points. Here's one on physician attitudes:
...doctors are extremely educated. Instinctively one might think that such a quality may assist them in their waking up. Actually, it doesn't.
Educated people are successful advancing in school. Advancement in school requires a large degree of compliance and willingness to follow authority. Educated people in general tend to be of the type that obeys their parents, obeys school rules, studies hard, obeys the law, saves their money, and otherwise respects the structure and norms of society. In other words, they are less inclined to question or challenge the status quo.
In addition, because educated people obviously spend more time in school than otherwise, their minds are well trained. Others like myself may prefer to use the word "indoctrinated".