Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Woman Tells her Story

A reader named Michelle writes:
I have been reading this site and I know what your all going thru....I'd
like to share my story
2005 I was taking 3 antibiotics for 15 months for a lung problem...stopped
in march. I was in a construction situation for 3 months in a very old
building. I was always sweeping and cleaning.....I was in my pool(cloreen)
and my eyes started burning and then my face....I lived with ice packs on my
eyes and face for 4 months. I thought I was going to have a nervous break left eye had an infection in it 3 times, couldn't open it.I would
get chills up and down my back and up into my  head.I also would get this
heat attack 4-5 times a day. (almost lived in a shower)(worse than hot
flashes) my left ear would start to hurt, then it would stop. I couldn't
touch it....then nothing
went to different drs. had brain mri, cat scans meds and to this day no one
knows what it is...I started to feel better but  it still comes and goes.
one day I poured Windex on a paper towel and cleaned a window and 5 mins
later my eyes started to burn really bad. I was  cleaning in a hair salon(my
daughters) with Windex and would notice later it would start burning....I
also found that ornamental grasses, fumes from nail polish and bleach and
color for hair...really bad...I have been researching this problem for over
a year and a half....I think it started with taking the 3 types of
antibiotics for so long. they killed my good bacteria and I mentioned this
to my infectious disease dr. and he said no. well, everything I bring up in
my research says to take probiotics when taking antibiotics because
antibiotics for a long time will weaken the imune system.i think this is
what happened to me, but no one will listen..... I have started to take the
probiotics and vitamin 6....every dr. said it could be something else, just
guessing...I'm going to have the patch test in Jan...I know I'm not bothered
by any food...I kept a diary....going to will's eye hospital in Jan to have
my eyes check out.....hope you find help.....I'm staying away from Windex
and any other household product. I use vinegar and water. I have never been
allergic to anything before in my life and I'm has been a hell of a
year and 1/2.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Symptom Checker has an interesting new site called Symptom Checker. It's a tool to tell you what your symptoms might add up to and whether to see a doctor.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mold inspections

Someone wrote to me saying that she  has "chemical allergy, mold and dust allergies as well. I
am in search for someone who comes into peoples houses and can help
determine where the toxins (such as mold) are and how to remove them. Do you
know of anyone in the maryland area that does this?"

Response: If you search for "mold remediation maryland" you will see some companies.  Also realtors and home inspectors can refer you to someone. You'll want to talk to several people and try to determine who uses the least-toxic method.

The first step is to control moisture by eliminating leaks and maintaining good air flow. Read HUD's page and links at

Friday, May 25, 2007

Safe cleaning products

Mary writes:
" I feel for you. I have been chemically sensitive for years. You will find that everyone is different and reacts differently to products.

These are some products I use.

Sunlight sensitive skin laundry soap is fragrance free also No Name brand
carries a scent free one. No Name fabric softener - fragrance free
Nature Clean products if you can find who sells them close to you. cleaners,
Simple Green cleaner. Gallon is vary affordable. use for every cleaning
Water, 1 ounce of vinegar and one drop of dishsoap in a spray bottle work
really well for glass
baking soda cleans sinks and tubs really well
Jergens hand soap is fragrance free and gentle on the skin
Also check your local health food store for products such as shampoos and
conditioners look for the scent free products.
look for the scent free products such as soap, dippety do hair gel, under
arm deodorant in your local grocery store
The best to you."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Unhealthy Car Smells

Jeanne writes: "I have had problems buying a used car.  They must be using some newer foams, glues, etc.  I am having problems with odors in even 2002 models.  My husband thinks the odors are coming from the fabric in the seats.  I can’t stand leather because of the dyes.  Do you have any suggestions?"


Jeanne,  I just read that Car Talk has a page on their website about car odors:

Follow their link to the fascinating interview and then go to for more information. Good luck!

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